If  you have met or known me with in the last 10 years, you would know that I am not big on forced sentiment. I don’t like to be told what to feel, how or when I should feel that way, especially through carefully manipulated “Moments”. The soft music playing in the back ground, lights turned down low, everybody’s eyes are closed and heads are bowed, breathing deeply and just…. Sitting there. While everyone else is “Feeling”, I am usually wondering if anyone else can smell that. My patients to concentrate inwardly lasts mere seconds before I starting thinking about the ongoing list of things that need to get done, where I’m going next, who I need to call, what I need to buy. It’s not that I don’t care about feelings and emotions but, just like the Amish, I believe that words are fleeting and the real testament to one’s truest heart is by DOING. (And, No, I’m not Amish. I just finished a documentary last night and found that applicable)

I went to my first yoga class thinking about the “doing” side of it. The fitness, the work out, the bending and the stretch.  I wanted to give this a real attempt to work for me. I wanted to do it right. So, I went along with the “OM” thing, and the pointy finger thing and then, the work out began. The instructor started to talk about feeling like we HAVE to do things in life. He simply said, “Let what you HAVE to do be what you WANT to do. Let what you WANT to do be what you LOVE to do. That those things you feel you HAVE to do are simply because you LOVE them so much that you want to see them to completion.”  With in 15 minutes, I was hooked.  After some kind of boat pose, and a standing warrior, and grabbing my ankle and sticking legs up in the air and sweating it out, I felt amazing. There was this kind of inward focus that has lasted for the last 4 days, feeling confident in my own abilities and the direction my life is heading, and feeling lots of love. Allowing Love to guide what I do, and still staying pretty practical in the end. I love eating healthy because of the way it makes my body feel, I love drinking blueberry green tea because it is so yummy, I love making the time for family and friends because they are precious, I love the way my body feels after a good workout, I love challenging myself to be better in all areas, and now… I love yoga.  (even if I do think the “om’s” are a little weird but what ever. 

So…. Thumbs UP on yoga.  After 4 days doing regular yoga and trying  a variety of classes and forms, I feel stronger, more bendy, more relaxed, my skin looks beautiful, I am smiling more, laughing more, and simply enjoying little moments more.

This will be a regular part of my life from now on, even if it does cost half a fortune, it feels worth it. 

My schedule will now incorporate half marathon training WITH gym and yoga, at least until April when my classes start. I will be mixing up my fitness, going from a regular rountine of only running, to incorporate new movements and strength building (not with weights because of the injury to my elbow). Every day will be something different from the day before so that my body doesn’t have time to adjust to one way of working out and get used to it.  Some would call it “shocking” the system. But, I dunno, I just love to do and to learn new ways of doing things.


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One response to “Yoga

  • lifeistooshortforlowfatcheese

    congratulations on finding yoga! After my first class I was hooked too. Finally, a place for my type A personality to calm down and have some inward focus!

    My yoga teacher will often say that the Om’s unite the class as one. I like that.

    “some kind of boat pose” made me laugh. I can’t think of what pose that might be!


    p.s. i am subscribed to your blog but it seems i will get one post, and then i look and i’ve missed a few posts and never got any notification. weird.

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