finally! a loss

Down 1.8 today. I know this is nothing to sneeze at but, it really is more profound than just -1.8. Something clicked for me this week. instead of focusing so much on working a program, I made one for myself. In the words of early 90’s hip hop, I “got real”. Instead of focusing directly on the WW points program, I focused on every meal and every activity and tried to make it meaningful. We can all thank my nw found love of yoga that inspired this “mindfulness” and “intention”. I’m also loving my new Spark People tracker app for blackberry. I love it. Right there on my phone, with me at all times to track every calorie of every bite. It also tracks activity, weigh ins and water. This little tool helps me stick to the fundamental rule to weightloss; calories in vs calories out. On a side note: Did you know that 2 cups of peas has 222 calories?
And my last great new tool, a new scale. I broke down and finally picked a higherend scale that calcs BMIN body fat %, water weight. It’s perfectly accurate on the first try. No more guessing or inconsistent numbers to freak me out. I know EXACTLY how I’m doing on any given day.

All of this brings me to 185. I’m back to where I left off last summer before I hit the plateau. It’s all new from this point on and for the first time since then, I really believe I’m on the right track and reaching my goal this year is totally possible.

Now the really hard part starts…. This fat isn’t going to shed it’s self, those muscles aren’t going to come from now where.

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One response to “finally! a loss

  • Lauren

    Toni, that is amazing!! I totally understand how you’ve been feeling lately, so 1.8lbs *is* something to sneeze at! I am hoping to report something similar Monday after WI lol

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