Best month ever.

Glancing at my giant dry erase calendar, it hit me just how busy and productive this month was. I found and fell in love with Yoga, passed my road test and got my license, lost 5 lbs, got into the Interior Design course , and topped it off with buying my first car last night. It all just sort of fell into place at the right time.

Now, heading into March, I have no big life changing choices to make and can go back to my rather mundane routine. My goal for March? Well, since it’s the last free month I have before my schedule get’s all turend upside down with fulltime work and part time classes in the evening, I want to make this month ideal. I want to challenege my self, health wise like I never have before. Not in a way that feels like I’m being hard on myself. Quite the opposite. I want to challenge myself for 1 month to be the healthiest I have ever been. I’ve signed up for a yoga challenge. The challenge is basically to do 1 yoga class every day in march. On top of that, I also want to try to follow a fully vegetarian diet, full of fresh foods and no processed foods. Except for things like tofu and salad dressing ( I mean, common, let’s be realistic). I have 1 night free pass when the vancouver hiking girls get together for a big fancy dinner to celebrate our success so far. I’m actually really excited about my personalized march challenge since it will be a real challenge to accomplish. It’s going to push me to plan my days more carefully, pay more attention to every meal and snack. My weight goal is less of a focus since I think that it will be an added bonus, but,I’m aiming to lose 5lbs and finally get out of the 180. 🙂 wouldn’t that be awesome.

So, cheers to a fantastic February, and the beginning of a new season.

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