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weightloss reasons

I got the inspiration to re-think my weight loss reasons from Meg’s Blog . During my intense yoga challenge experience, I thought a lot about how fat I am without applying any real constructive conclusions. I just let myself feel down and upset about it, and that’s just pathetic. It’s also so far from my usual behavior and can’t explain why I was thinking that way.  I rarely ever feel down, and when I do, I like to use it as an emotional compass to point me to what I need to work on, or make changes and get in line and make happier or more fulfilling.

Post pathetic thoughts, I am thinking much clearer and inspired to take on some new challenges but.. it all comes down to the big question “WHY!” what good reasons am I doing all this for.

So.. here’s the revised short list of reasons why I want to lose weight and reach goal.

1. Everyday activities will be effortless.

2. I could wear a bikini on a vacation

3. be able to advance my hiking to overnight/weekend treks.

4. stay looking younger for longer (no better beauty treatment than a healthy lifestyle)

5.  to feel successful when look at how hard I worked to change and reach goal.

6.  keep up with very fit boyfriend when we try to do fitness things together. I’m almost there, but he can still beat me to the top of the mountain.

7.  prevent long-term health issues directly related to being overweight (diabetes, high cholesterol)

8. attention. I’m not going to lie. I love the attention I get even now, when people say.. OMGOSH, you look so different. I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like in 35-40 more lbs.

9. running, hiking, yoga will be easier and more enjoyable.

10. new challenges.  going from weight loss to performance and speed.


Yoga Challenge – done and done

Dancers pose

 <—– that’s not me.. I wish. but, this is one of my favourite poses from yoga.

I’m all wrapped up with the 30 day yoga challenge and I have a few thoughts but before that, I’d like to say thanks for the encouragement from everyone. I needed it.

I wasn’t able to get online and blog everyday, in week one I quickly realized that this is going to take over what little free time I do have, on a daily basis.  So, I kept a little booklet in my car and jotted down a thought or two before or after class.  I went through a cycle of emotions, giving up, getting back into it and even boredom.

Here’s a few highlights:

Day 4: I’m so excited and feeling great. yoga has changed my life.

Day 7: one week down. That wasn’t so hard. I’m waiting… waiting. waiting for the challenge to sink in. like it’s going to sneak up on me and test me to give up. 

Day 9:  I feel FAT. all this extra weight on my body. I’m so angry at myself, and still so sad. I want to feel strong and confident but all I feel is hopelessness. Why isn’t it easier to get rid of the weight. I teared up in the middle of class. probably due to the fact that I’m exhausted, stressed and starting to feel sick (cold). but mostly, I just feel FAT.

Day 10: still feeling fat.

Day 12: officially sick. I have an awful sore throat and a bit of a fever. Going to power through today and hope it doesn’t get worse.

Day 13: Took the day off work, staying in bed. no yoga today. I have resolved that it’s OKAY to take a couple of days off, and will make up the classes I miss by doing double duty for a few days when I’m feeling better.

Day 16: Thought about yoga. didn’t go.

Day 20: Feeling better and back to it, doing Yin and Hot yoga tonight.

Day 21: Did 2 classes tonight. I’m exhausted.

Day 23: I’m so sick of yoga. I don’t feel like I’m there when I’m there. I am thinking about everything else. the exciting and the mundane tasks of life.

Day 24: Hatha

Day 25: went through the motions again tonight. I want to love it, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I love the benefits, I love some parts of it, but I usually end up wishing I was outside in the fresh air. Going hiking tomorrow morning.

Day 26: Yoga…. again? really? what does this challenge even mean to me. is it a challenge that I’m completing because it will bring me some kind of new feeling, some feeling of accomplishment? of reaching a goal? but, at the moment. i feel resentful towards the challenge I gave myself. That’s messed up.

Day 27:  I went hiking this morning at my favourite spot and felt that rush of accomplishing a challenge. the fresh air, racing against my own time, feeling my heart pumping and looking out over a gorgeous view of the ocean and mountains. THAT is what’s missing from yoga.  I will try to put the same enthusiasm in tonight at my class.

Day 30: Final day. Did I do it… sure. good enough. got sick. missed a few classes but over all, all I really came to realize what that even though I like yoga… I love outdoor fitness WAY more. There is something more appealing to me about being out in the open air, in nature, in solitude, pushing myself to get to the top. ___________


That about sums it all up. My final conclusion is about what you would expect. Yoga is a great choice for fitness but not entirely for me. I don’t LOVE it like I do hiking and running or just being outside. Yoga is also VERY expensive. Why??? i don’t know. it’s just not in my budget for the long-term especially compared to FREE outdoor activities or even my community gym. The results of doing yoga were incredible, I lost 3 inches off my lower abdomen. there is no doubt that yoga is a great exercise with fantastic results.  I’m fitting in to my jeans WAY better. I do feel more toned and fit from doing yoga so much. I’m going to continue a version of what I learned on my own, especially the core toning poses and stretching for running. But, I am so glad to be done with the challenge. I thought it would never end. Now, finally onto my new challenge……… 10 week half marathon training.