weightloss reasons

I got the inspiration to re-think my weight loss reasons from Meg’s Blog . During my intense yoga challenge experience, I thought a lot about how fat I am without applying any real constructive conclusions. I just let myself feel down and upset about it, and that’s just pathetic. It’s also so far from my usual behavior and can’t explain why I was thinking that way.  I rarely ever feel down, and when I do, I like to use it as an emotional compass to point me to what I need to work on, or make changes and get in line and make happier or more fulfilling.

Post pathetic thoughts, I am thinking much clearer and inspired to take on some new challenges but.. it all comes down to the big question “WHY!” what good reasons am I doing all this for.

So.. here’s the revised short list of reasons why I want to lose weight and reach goal.

1. Everyday activities will be effortless.

2. I could wear a bikini on a vacation

3. be able to advance my hiking to overnight/weekend treks.

4. stay looking younger for longer (no better beauty treatment than a healthy lifestyle)

5.  to feel successful when look at how hard I worked to change and reach goal.

6.  keep up with very fit boyfriend when we try to do fitness things together. I’m almost there, but he can still beat me to the top of the mountain.

7.  prevent long-term health issues directly related to being overweight (diabetes, high cholesterol)

8. attention. I’m not going to lie. I love the attention I get even now, when people say.. OMGOSH, you look so different. I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like in 35-40 more lbs.

9. running, hiking, yoga will be easier and more enjoyable.

10. new challenges.  going from weight loss to performance and speed.


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