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hello 170’s

After 1 year of hovering in the 180 plateau, I have finally pushed through and broken into the 170’s. Holy effing goodness!!!! At this moment I am having a flood of mixed feeling. More than anything, I feel so happy, like I just won first place in a one man race…like the fitness gods finally recognized my hard work to get here, and like I finally have something worth blogging about.

But then I think about the last 6 weeks and every single day of not only staying on track but pushing myself harder than before, sticking to a “tight” meal plans, being strict down to every single bite of food that goes into my body. Running 1 more kilometer when I feel like stopping, keeping plank pose when I feel like collapsing to my knees, and completely retraining my mind to crave healthy food instead of junk…. And how hard it was to get past those hurdles mentally and physically. But how much more is it going to take to get to my end goal… How long will it take. It’s overwhelming. I’m tired.

it’s these moments that I have to remind myself to keep a healthy balance…. to accept the award of feeling proud of all my hard work, without getting too cocky and thinking that I’ve done enough…. To stay level and focused to the end. I like to think of this as a new starting point… With 30lbs to go to reach the big goal 149….To keep this momentum and healthy mindset going to get me there.

Yay me!!! Fewf.. “Deep breath”…. Ready! Set! GO!

Here’s a fun song from my running playlist that always helps me remember to stay balaced and focused….. Tightrope by Janelle Monae 

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Pre-vacation goal

I seem to be fighting against the last 2 lbs to get me out of the 180s and into the 170 before I head out on a road trip/camping vacation in 5 days. Think I can do it? We’ll see.

This week I’m doing a mini yoga challenge complete with vegetarianism and did extremely well. I even woke up this morning with that “skinny” feeling you get after days of being perfectly perfect in almost every way. I barely swayed from the healthy plan, ate a million veggies and fruits, drank an entire lake’s worth of water, and did as much activity as my body would let me and I feel effing fantastic mentally and physically.  But now it’s Friday (need I say more)…..  I’m heading into the weekend wanting to start the party early, enjoy some festivities and do what people do on weekends, chill out and that is exactly where I tend to fall out of my healthy routine. I seem to forget that calories exist starting at 5pm Friday when I get out of work, straight through saturday and somewhere in the middle of sunday, I remember that Monday happens tomorrow and need healthy lunches and switch back to healthy mode. I then wonder why the scale doesn’t budge.   

 This week while in the middle of yoga, struggling to get through the routine and my mind was racing between a million thoughts, something came to me. I realized that I need to find new solutions to the same old problems. Trying the same approach to each week will produce the same results. DUH!!! it just clicked. So, I built a new weekend plan around this mantra of trying something new. Instead of having “free” weekends, I’m going to have 1 free TREAT!!!. ONE!!!!  not 1 day of treats, not 1 treat meal… just 1 treat (1 ice cream or 1 piece of cake, or 1 portion of candy. etc)  and sticking to the guidelines, No fried foods, No Dairy, No Sugar, and No White Carbs for all other meals and snacks. Sounds strict but, not being strict is not bringing me any success and it’s time to push through. …. plus, I no matter what the scale reads, I still benefit from feeling awesome from eating super duper healthy. That can’t be a bad thing.

2 more hot yoga classes on Monday and Wed. and a final weigh in before I hit the road. 

Today’s weight: 182.4


Here is a picture from March, 1 year anniversary of the hiking girls. 187lbs.

Dinner on a Tuesday Night

Walking is really so simple. It’s all about taking one step right after the other until, eventually, you’re where you want to be.

Tonight’s simple and oh so delicious healthy step towards my goal was making dinner. Topping a perfectly healthy day off with a summer salad minus the oil, 100g of chicken breast (skinless/boneless), 1 wasa multigrain flat bread with 1/4 avocado and some chunks of tomato.

As it’s freaking hot out at the moment, I’m waiting until later to go for a 5km run.

And… That’s how it goes today.

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Far from gone but on the right path

Yes, I know. I’ve been neglectful but alas, sweet reader, My laptop is FIXED!!!! which makes the labour of blogging a million times more convenient and enjoyable from the comfortable coziness of my bed.

There has been so many changes to life in the last few months that time literally slipped away which is all the more reason to keep writing myself through this whole weight loss process.

Today, I am at 180.2. yuP. I actually lost. New numbers. Numbers I have never seen before. everything from 183lbs downward is a new “skinniest ever” number.

First of all, I have to admit that I gained about 10lbs in April and May and crept all the way back up into the 190’s. 197 to be exact, plus 2 extra pound of water retention. That is the number I saw right before I started a superly insane strict DIET at the beginning of June. I knew I was so far off track that I needed to do something extreme. Between not losing anything for a whole year and hovering around 185ish, then the weight moving upward, I FREAKED OUT!

Here’s a picture of me mid weight gain : 

The crazy diet plan: 100g of lean protein, 2 cups of 1 vegetable (no mixing), 1 piece of fruit for a snack. 3x per day. 

Easy enough right? RIGHT. It was so simple there was no thinking or planning work involved. It was as easy as half a chicken breast atop a bowl of fresh spinach, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of pepper…  I tracked everyday and still stayed in the healthy ranges for necessary calories, protiens, fats. etc. and all of the recommended servings of each item, except for carbs.

The hard part was that it got so boring and sucking all the life and fun out of creating enjoyable dishes BUT, I still stuck to the plan. For 3 whole freakin’ weeks. Swayed slightly a few times and mixed a couple vegetables but actual made it through to the end successfully.

Week 1 I lost 9.8lbs.

Week 2 I lost  5.8

Week3 – 4.4

for a grand total of 19lbs. The results are INSANE which made it worth it. Now I’m feeling energized, on track and in control, empowered, and excited to see results.

Here I am on the final day about to go out for my Canada Day Festivities. 180lbs . and THAT lovely lady is my best friend Jax who has also recently lost a whole bunch of weight. We’re so proud of each other and ourselves. It’s great to have that kind of support.

    I also ran 83km total in June, and walked over 100kms total.

Heading into July, I want to keep the general idea of the healthy diet plan, no white starches, no fried foods, no dairy and no sugar. Along with following the simple, more strict rules from Monday to Friday with a few modifications (like mixing veggies), 100g of lean protein, 2 cups of veggies, 1 fruit. 3x per day.

My next goal is to be rid of the 180s and into the 170’s. 175 to be exact, by VACATION time, July 20th.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!