Pre-vacation goal

I seem to be fighting against the last 2 lbs to get me out of the 180s and into the 170 before I head out on a road trip/camping vacation in 5 days. Think I can do it? We’ll see.

This week I’m doing a mini yoga challenge complete with vegetarianism and did extremely well. I even woke up this morning with that “skinny” feeling you get after days of being perfectly perfect in almost every way. I barely swayed from the healthy plan, ate a million veggies and fruits, drank an entire lake’s worth of water, and did as much activity as my body would let me and I feel effing fantastic mentally and physically.  But now it’s Friday (need I say more)…..  I’m heading into the weekend wanting to start the party early, enjoy some festivities and do what people do on weekends, chill out and that is exactly where I tend to fall out of my healthy routine. I seem to forget that calories exist starting at 5pm Friday when I get out of work, straight through saturday and somewhere in the middle of sunday, I remember that Monday happens tomorrow and need healthy lunches and switch back to healthy mode. I then wonder why the scale doesn’t budge.   

 This week while in the middle of yoga, struggling to get through the routine and my mind was racing between a million thoughts, something came to me. I realized that I need to find new solutions to the same old problems. Trying the same approach to each week will produce the same results. DUH!!! it just clicked. So, I built a new weekend plan around this mantra of trying something new. Instead of having “free” weekends, I’m going to have 1 free TREAT!!!. ONE!!!!  not 1 day of treats, not 1 treat meal… just 1 treat (1 ice cream or 1 piece of cake, or 1 portion of candy. etc)  and sticking to the guidelines, No fried foods, No Dairy, No Sugar, and No White Carbs for all other meals and snacks. Sounds strict but, not being strict is not bringing me any success and it’s time to push through. …. plus, I no matter what the scale reads, I still benefit from feeling awesome from eating super duper healthy. That can’t be a bad thing.

2 more hot yoga classes on Monday and Wed. and a final weigh in before I hit the road. 

Today’s weight: 182.4


Here is a picture from March, 1 year anniversary of the hiking girls. 187lbs.


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