hello 170’s

After 1 year of hovering in the 180 plateau, I have finally pushed through and broken into the 170’s. Holy effing goodness!!!! At this moment I am having a flood of mixed feeling. More than anything, I feel so happy, like I just won first place in a one man race…like the fitness gods finally recognized my hard work to get here, and like I finally have something worth blogging about.

But then I think about the last 6 weeks and every single day of not only staying on track but pushing myself harder than before, sticking to a “tight” meal plans, being strict down to every single bite of food that goes into my body. Running 1 more kilometer when I feel like stopping, keeping plank pose when I feel like collapsing to my knees, and completely retraining my mind to crave healthy food instead of junk…. And how hard it was to get past those hurdles mentally and physically. But how much more is it going to take to get to my end goal… How long will it take. It’s overwhelming. I’m tired.

it’s these moments that I have to remind myself to keep a healthy balance…. to accept the award of feeling proud of all my hard work, without getting too cocky and thinking that I’ve done enough…. To stay level and focused to the end. I like to think of this as a new starting point… With 30lbs to go to reach the big goal 149….To keep this momentum and healthy mindset going to get me there.

Yay me!!! Fewf.. “Deep breath”…. Ready! Set! GO!

Here’s a fun song from my running playlist that always helps me remember to stay balaced and focused….. Tightrope by Janelle Monae 

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