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who knew almods were so tasty?

It’s funny, and kind of sad… I have never eaten an almond until this past weekend. I grew up being told I was allergic to all nuts and I could die if I try them so I made sure stayed away. It is really true, mostly, that I have a nut allergy, except to the almond as I found out only a few days ago. I have had a couple minor reactions to walnuts, pistachios, macadamia and most other varieties swearing them all off as one evil and necessary caution. It was my sister who found out from my oldest brother that we are all not allergic to one nut impartial, the almond. So, for the first time, I ate an almond… And didn’t die, didn’t swell up or need emergency medical attention. I only discovered what I have been missing my whole life. This will completely change my life and has opened up a world of new options and flavours. It’s really exciting to find a healthy delicious food to add to my life. Who knew almonds were so tasty? 🙂


mmmm dinner.

I’m BAAAaaaack. Back from 2 weeks vacation that is, with 5 extra pounds that seemed to want to stay longer. But, I don’t mind. I had so much fun, met so much family, and ate so much good food. 184.6lbs today.

The other reasons I’m not worried? I had a plan. I planned on letting vacation be free and fun and let 5 lbs slip by. I also have an August plan laid out and the day vacation ended, is the day I jumped into a new fitness plan and the most super strict healthiest habits ever.

I’ve joined another 1 month yoga challenge at my favourite studio. With so many types classes and times to choose from, there is no reason not to fullfill the 30 day goal. My plan is to do 4-6 strength and conditioning classes and when I’m just too freaking tired, do Yin which is a very slow stretching kind of class.

The healthy habits??? Well, first of all, I have to remind myself that I’v had my fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on my trip and now it’s over and time to get back into the weightloss mindset. While on my travels I saw a poster, it was so stupid and lame but it really hit a nerve. It was a picture of a couple having a picnic on the bottom of the ocean floor complete with scuba gear, and said “make wise choices always”. Duh! This is probably how that girl in the poster stayed so trim. I’m not sure why this concept never really hit me before, something so simple and true. So, this is my August mantra “make wise choices always”. This is easy when I’m in my planned routine but not so much when weekend roll around and treat-amniesia sets in. So, I’m going to adopt this new habit… To always choose the best option in all situations, dinner nights out with the girls, beach bbqs, or just sitting at home watching movies.
Along with practicing this new healthy habit, I am planning meals, keeping a fridge full of healthy fresh options, portioned and ready to grab, and sticking to the no sugar, no dairy, no fried foods, and no white carbs. Picking lean protiens, plenty of delish veggies and finally, choosing 2 servings of fruit with less sugar and carbs but more fiber when possible. Like a plum instead of grapes, strawberries instead of a banana.

Tonights dinner is a perfect example of a typical meal.. And it took less than 5 min to throw together.
100 grams – skinless boneless chicken breast (about half of one breast) I get mine from a local butcher and pay the extra $ to get the grain fed organic. bbqed them up with some spices, cut in half and ready to grab for lunches or dinners.
2 cups fresh spinach
And for fun, 1 fresh apricot diced up and mixed with the grilled chicken.

No dressing, just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Sometimes I will use apple cider or balsamic vinegar for different flavours.

Delish. So good I can’t wait to make it again for lunch.

My weight goal seems overly ambitious, to reach 169lbs, but I seem to do better and work harder when goals are just slightly more than what I think I can do. So I say 169 but will be happy with 173.

Well, that’s all for now. I will keep you updated regarding my weight loss progress frequently. 🙂