who knew almods were so tasty?

It’s funny, and kind of sad… I have never eaten an almond until this past weekend. I grew up being told I was allergic to all nuts and I could die if I try them so I made sure stayed away. It is really true, mostly, that I have a nut allergy, except to the almond as I found out only a few days ago. I have had a couple minor reactions to walnuts, pistachios, macadamia and most other varieties swearing them all off as one evil and necessary caution. It was my sister who found out from my oldest brother that we are all not allergic to one nut impartial, the almond. So, for the first time, I ate an almond… And didn’t die, didn’t swell up or need emergency medical attention. I only discovered what I have been missing my whole life. This will completely change my life and has opened up a world of new options and flavours. It’s really exciting to find a healthy delicious food to add to my life. Who knew almonds were so tasty? 🙂


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