Ahem! Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Looks like its time to dust off the old blog. This is a fresh start, a chance to re-find my voice and refine my weight loss goals, as a 30 something very single new mom. Baby just turned 4months old and although I stayed healthy through the entire pregnancy, the new lifestyle of taking care of another human being is really really hard, and great and wonderful and an adventure, and really really really hard. The stress, the weird schedules, those moments while you’re breastfeeding and can’t reach your water or lunch, constantly carrying this little person and passing by a mirror to realize you haven’t brushed your hair in 4 days and there is spitup on your shirt. And you don’t even care.

This is my new life, my new goals and my new adventures in weightloss


Hiking Mount Doug - Jan 27





And to get this party started… drum roll please…

Starting weight 219


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