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Quick oatcakes



My new favourite breakfast/ snack/ anytime food.  One of the Vancouver hiking girls suggested mixing oats with a beaten egg and I finally got around to trying it… and OH.MY.GOSH I’m in love.

High protein. High fiber. Quick and easy to whip up in under one baby nap time. Perfect to freeze for grab and go, or reheat. Way easier to pack in your purse than a bowl of oat meal. Fun and flexible with whatever flavours you fancy: apple and cinnamon, bacon and maple syrup, almond and peach, berries, pumpkin spice. Maybe even experiment on the savoury side with fresh herbs ans veggies. Whatever you like.

What to do
Beat an egg, or two
Add a splash of milk if you like * I use soy or almond
Add some quick oats. I don’t know, maybe 3/4 cup per egg.
Mix. It should be like the consistency of slightly runny oatmeal.
Add flavour foods – I used diced apple with ginger and cinnamon.
If the mixture is too runny, add more oats.
Cook them in a pan on the stove, like a pancake.



Done and done.

I’m planning on making a few batches of these for the freezer, different flavours, for quick to-go snacks in the car or hiking.

Any other flavours I could try??


January restart recap…. learning curve

I started back with my monthly WL goals in January trying to lose 10 lbs with restricted calorie food plan, tracking everything with MyFitnessPal. com ( ) which went well, until baby M hit a major growth spurt and needed to feed ALL!THE!TIME! They call it cluster feeding. She was on the boob like every 20-30 minutes. I had quickly dropped 6lbs in the first 3 weeks, then whamo! My body turns into a human feeding machine. On day 2 I was about to go crazy and the only way I knew I could get her to give me a break was to distract her with a walk outside. Too tired to even wear her ( Google ” baby wearing” “woven baby wraps” “baby carriers”) I put her in the stroller and went around the block 4 times, making sure I hit the bumpiest spots until she fell asleep. *Note: baby m is usually very easy to get to sleep but this time she was extra fussy from all that growing. I felt crazy like after days without sleep and weak, shakey and very close to passing out. So I did what I had to do. I went out for a burger. I was gifted enough baby-nap-time to down the most delicious piece of meat I’ve had in months ( I’m pretty much a vegetarian now, but we’ll get into that in a few days) . I also had a Guinness milkshake …. desperate times people. It was weird and divine.


After this … er…episode?? I learned a few things and realized my plan needs adjusting.

What I learned:
I learned that I can not approach weight loss like I did in the past with a strict schedule, strict reduced-calorie meal plan and a rigorous fitness routine. Neither my baby-lead schedule nor my body will allow it.

10lbs in one month, while breast feeding a growing infant is simply not realistic, nor healthy.
Sometimes you just need a big fat juicy burger.

New approach and new goals:

-1 lb per week or -5 per month ( instead of usual 10) this allows me a healthy 1600 calorie daily goal
– adjust daily goal as necessary depending on current conditions: more/less nursing, how much activity ( hiking etc) , did I get ANY sleep the night before. In other words, its just a baseline suggestion and it’s totally okay if I go over when necessary
– fit in fitness everyday and everywhere. I can hike with an 18lb baby so why do I take the elevator every time??? I dunno. “Get down and give me 20”, walk to the store instead of drive.

– keep the fridge stocked with luscious, vibrant, beautiful produce. (This is not an issue for me after 3 years of try hard vegetarianism)…then find time to make it into s#*! I can easily grab and eat for lunch, freeze for later,  or just grab and snack on RIGHT NOW !

I leave you with some pics of my weekend.



Thetis lake - feb 2


View from Dallas road parkway


220lbs with 17.5lb pack (aka baby)