January restart recap…. learning curve

I started back with my monthly WL goals in January trying to lose 10 lbs with restricted calorie food plan, tracking everything with MyFitnessPal. com ( http://myfitnesspal.com ) which went well, until baby M hit a major growth spurt and needed to feed ALL!THE!TIME! They call it cluster feeding. She was on the boob like every 20-30 minutes. I had quickly dropped 6lbs in the first 3 weeks, then whamo! My body turns into a human feeding machine. On day 2 I was about to go crazy and the only way I knew I could get her to give me a break was to distract her with a walk outside. Too tired to even wear her ( Google ” baby wearing” “woven baby wraps” “baby carriers”) I put her in the stroller and went around the block 4 times, making sure I hit the bumpiest spots until she fell asleep. *Note: baby m is usually very easy to get to sleep but this time she was extra fussy from all that growing. I felt crazy like after days without sleep and weak, shakey and very close to passing out. So I did what I had to do. I went out for a burger. I was gifted enough baby-nap-time to down the most delicious piece of meat I’ve had in months ( I’m pretty much a vegetarian now, but we’ll get into that in a few days) . I also had a Guinness milkshake …. desperate times people. It was weird and divine.


After this … er…episode?? I learned a few things and realized my plan needs adjusting.

What I learned:
I learned that I can not approach weight loss like I did in the past with a strict schedule, strict reduced-calorie meal plan and a rigorous fitness routine. Neither my baby-lead schedule nor my body will allow it.

10lbs in one month, while breast feeding a growing infant is simply not realistic, nor healthy.
Sometimes you just need a big fat juicy burger.

New approach and new goals:

-1 lb per week or -5 per month ( instead of usual 10) this allows me a healthy 1600 calorie daily goal
– adjust daily goal as necessary depending on current conditions: more/less nursing, how much activity ( hiking etc) , did I get ANY sleep the night before. In other words, its just a baseline suggestion and it’s totally okay if I go over when necessary
– fit in fitness everyday and everywhere. I can hike with an 18lb baby so why do I take the elevator every time??? I dunno. “Get down and give me 20”, walk to the store instead of drive.

– keep the fridge stocked with luscious, vibrant, beautiful produce. (This is not an issue for me after 3 years of try hard vegetarianism)…then find time to make it into s#*! I can easily grab and eat for lunch, freeze for later,  or just grab and snack on RIGHT NOW !

I leave you with some pics of my weekend.



Thetis lake - feb 2


View from Dallas road parkway


220lbs with 17.5lb pack (aka baby)


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2 responses to “January restart recap…. learning curve

  • Krystal

    I was going to say that in the past when I worked with women who were breast feeding, the minimum caloric intake I would have them assigned to was 1700 and that was for a basic BMR.
    Your goals are very realistic and I applaud you for being able to step back and realize your and baby’s needs are currently all in one.

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