Quick oatcakes



My new favourite breakfast/ snack/ anytime food.  One of the Vancouver hiking girls suggested mixing oats with a beaten egg and I finally got around to trying it… and OH.MY.GOSH I’m in love.

High protein. High fiber. Quick and easy to whip up in under one baby nap time. Perfect to freeze for grab and go, or reheat. Way easier to pack in your purse than a bowl of oat meal. Fun and flexible with whatever flavours you fancy: apple and cinnamon, bacon and maple syrup, almond and peach, berries, pumpkin spice. Maybe even experiment on the savoury side with fresh herbs ans veggies. Whatever you like.

What to do
Beat an egg, or two
Add a splash of milk if you like * I use soy or almond
Add some quick oats. I don’t know, maybe 3/4 cup per egg.
Mix. It should be like the consistency of slightly runny oatmeal.
Add flavour foods – I used diced apple with ginger and cinnamon.
If the mixture is too runny, add more oats.
Cook them in a pan on the stove, like a pancake.



Done and done.

I’m planning on making a few batches of these for the freezer, different flavours, for quick to-go snacks in the car or hiking.

Any other flavours I could try??


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